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Dec 07, 2017

Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit unboxing

The Packaging:

We took two of our most popular products and combined them into one kit for your convenience. This kit features the Pulse 24 RDA as well as the Pulse BF Box Mod. the kit comes in a blue box with a cover that pulls off from the top. In the foam insert you will see your Pulse BF Mod, a Pulse 24 RDA, 18650 battery adapter, and a spare wide bore Delrin drip tip.

Lift the foam insert and underneath it there will be a very detailed instruction manual and two packages of spares. One of the spare bags includes some spare magnets, a spare button spring, and a spare locking switch screw. The other package of spares includes spare o’rings, a traditional 510 pin, deck screws, and a tri tool.

What’s In The Box:

  • Pulse BF Mod Pulse 24 RDA
  • Matching Side Panels And Drip Tip
  • Spare Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • 18650 Battery Adapter
  • Trip Tool
  • Spare O’rings
  • Traditional 510 Pin
  • Spare Deck Screws
  • Spare Button Spring
  • Spare Magnets
  • Spare Lock Switch Screw

The Kit:

This kit was made in conjunction with Tony B from The Vapor Trail Channel. Tony is a very popular YouTube reviewer, that enjoys squonking. This lineup is made specifically for vapers that love to squonk. We took the very popular Pulse 24, the top selling Pulse BF mod and combined them into one kit. The Pulse BF Kit features translucent side panels and a matching drip tip. Colors available are frosted white, frosted red, frosted blue, frosted green, frosted pink, and Ultem.

The Mod:

Starting at the top of, we have a spring loaded 510 connection. There is a chrome ring around the 510 connection. The chrome ring has a slot that goes around the circumference of the ring as well as air slots that help keep your atomizer cool.

The edges of the exterior of the mod are all rounded off. This creates a very comfortable feel. The mod has two removable translucent panels. The first panel has some Pulse branding on the exterior and a cut out for the squonk bottle. Remove the panel and turn it over to find five magnets on the interior of the panel that coincide with five magnets on the body of the mod.

On the opposite side of the mod we have a solid panel with no hole but it is translucent as well. Just like the squonking side panel the interior of this panel also has five magnets that coincide with five magnets on the interior of the mod. From this side of the mod you can access your battery, in order to push it out for an easy swap. You will also be able to see your squonk bottle, your copper contact, and you're firing button switch from this side of the mod.

On the interior of the squonking side of the mod, you will be able to see your fire button and your safety switch. The firing button has a spring in it that has been vigorously tested. Above the firing button on the inside of the mod is also where you will see the 510 connection. It has a Peek insulator and a stainless steel pin that goes directly into the tube of the squonking bottle. Between the 510 and the body of the mod is where the negative battery contact is mounted.

This is also the side of the mod where the battery is loaded. Please make sure you load your battery negative side up. The Pulse BF mod has a safety switch that you can use to turn the fire button of when the mod is not in use or you are storing it in a pocket or bag. Simply move the switch to the upward position in order to break the contact and you will not be able to fire the mod. When you want to start vaping again just put the switch in its downward position.

Right underneath the firing switch and the safety lock is the 8 ml, food grade, squonking bottle. This is a super soft squonking bottle that comes with the tube pre cut. All you have to do is fill it with liquid and install it. The squonk bottle features a stainless steel cap that comes off of the bottle for easy cleaning. We also have bottles in a multitude of colors that are available separately. Those colors include purple, black, orange, green, and clear.

The battery contacts on the internals of the mod are made out of copper. On the interior wall of the inside of the battery compartment, you will find clear battery orientation markings. The whole battery contact runs through the backside of the mod and it is separated from the battery and the other internals of the mod by a wall.

On the front exterior of the mod we have the firing button. The firing button is oversized and it has a chrome ring around it. The firing button is circular in shape and it is chrome as well. Right below the firing button there is a Pulse emblem and that edge of the mod is cut out in order to give you more space to be able to squonk.

The Pulse mod is made out of nylon and ABS plastic that is heat resistant. This type of material also makes this mod very affordable. The Pulse BF mod will take a 20700 battery and if you prefer you can also use the included adapter to run an 18650 battery.

The RDA:

The RDA we decided to include in this kit is the very popular Pulse 24. The Pulse 24 comes to you, ready to squonk, with a squonking pin already installed. Of course, if you want to run it as a traditional RDA we also included a traditional 510 pin in the spare parts bag. Included in your kit is a 17.5 mm wide bore drip tip that matches the panels of the mod beautifully. It is an 810 Goon style drip tip and there's also a spare 16 mm black Delrin drip tip included in the package.

The top cap of the Pulse 24 is held in place by one thick o’ring. There are two, circular, 3mm, air slots cut out that coincide with two circular air slots on the barrel. The interior of the top cap does have a conical design to it, towards the top.

The barrel of the RDA has two air slots that feed into air tubes on the interior of the barrel. These air tubes are slanted downward, directly towards your coils. This design also makes the Pulse 24 very difficult to over squonk on. The barrel is held on to the base of the deck by two o’rings that have a great tolerance to them. The barrel also has a locking mechanism on it to insure that it stays in place.

The deck on the Pulse 24 is a postless, dual coil, deck. If you prefer, you can run a big single coil right down the middle of the deck. There are four terminals on the deck that measure 2.5 mm each. Your coil leads are secured by four gold plated Phillips head screws that are accessed via the sides of the base. The juice well on the Pulse 24 is 7 mm deep and there are two cut outs where you place the ends of your wicks. In the middle of the deck there is a juice splitter that insures even juice distribution when squonking.

The bottom of the base is gold plated just like the whole deck. There is some Vandy Vape branding as well as a serial number. The Pulse 24 comes with the squonking pin pre installed. There is an insulator ring around the squonking pin. The threading around the squonking pin is gold plated as well as very smooth.


Pulse BF Box Mod:

  • * Dimensions: 77mm by 50mm by 27mm
  • * Powered By Single High Amp 18650/20700 Battery (Sold Separately)
  • * Bottom Feeding (Squonk) Design
  • * 8ml Food Grade Silicone Squonk Bottle
  • * Fully Mechanical
  • * Nylon & ABS (Heat Resistant Thermoplastic Polymer) Construction
  • * Compact & Lightweight
  • * Oversized Firing Button
  • * Safety Lock Switch
  • * Interchangeable Dual Magnetic Frosted Battery Panels
  • * Copper Battery Contacts
  • * Spring Loaded 510 Pin

Pulse 24 BF RDA Special Edition:

  • * 24mm Diameter
  • * Special Edition Matte Black Color
  • * Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • * Lower Profile Design Than Pulse 22 BF RDA
  • * Increased Flavor Production
  • * Postless Build Deck
  • * Designed For Single & Dual Coil Configurations
  • * Quad 2.8mm Terminals With Side Tension Via Phillips Screws
  • * PEEK Insulator
  • * 7mm Deep Juice Wells
  • * Bottom Feeding E-Juice Splitter
  • * Top Cap Locking Mechanism
  • * Coil Aligning Marker
  • * Gold Plated Deck
  • * Adjustable Angled Tubular Top Airflow
  • * 3 mm Diameter Airflow Holes
  • * Anti-Leak Design
  • * 17.5mm 810 Ultem/Frosted Drip Tip
  • * 16mm 810 Delrin Drip Tip
  • * 510 & 810 Drip Tip Compatible
  • * Gold Plated Squonking & 510 Pin