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May 16, 2018

Lit RDA Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x Vandy Vape Lit BF RDA vandyvape lit rda
  • 1 x ULTEM 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Delrin 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Resin 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1 x Bottom Feed 510 Pin
  • 1 x Spare Part Pack
  • 1 x User Manual

Drip Tip Options:

With the purchase of your Vandy Vape RDA you will receive three different 810 style drip tips. All 3 drip tips are made out of different materials that include Resin, Ultem, and Delrin. The Ultem and Delrin drip tip have the same exact dimensions, they are just made out of different materials. Both drip tips have an 18mm bore and raised rings going around the circumference to provide some light texture. The Resin drip tip is a little taller smoother, and thicker, it has a 17.5mm bore. If that is not enough to suit your needs, we also include a 510 drip tip adapter so you can run your own standard 510 drip tips on the Lit RDA. At Vandy Vape, we are all about giving our customers choices.

vandyvape lit rda

The Top Cap And Sleeve:

The Lit RDA features a two-piece top cap and sleeve. The top cap has one o’ring that holds it securely in place with a beautiful tolerance to it. There are two different types of airflow slots. Both of them are the shape of a rhombus. The first airflow slot is a series of 16 holes in the shape of a rhombus. Each hole measures 1mm. The second air flow slot is a series of diagonal cuts, also in the shape of a rhombus. The 7 diagonal cuts measure 1mm, 2.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm respectively. The holes will give you a smoother vape while the diagonal cuts will give you a much airier vape. The interior of the top cap has a beautiful conical design that is conducive to the superior flavor the Lit RDA has. There is also some knurling on the outside exterior of the top cap so you can get a good grip in order to adjust your air flow.

vandyvape lit rda

The barrel has two rhombus shaped airflow holes. In between the airflow holes, there is some Lit branding. The sleeve is beautifully machined and it matches up very well with the top cap. It is held in place on the base by two o’rings. Both o’rings have a very nice tolerance to ensure that your sleeve actually stays in place. Airflow on the Lit is fully adjustable and will provide the user with a wide range of airflow options.

vandyvape lit rda

The Deck:

The deck on the Lit is a single post, dual clamp, spring-loaded system. The post screws are Phillips head screws but they have a long slot so you can use a flat head screwdriver as well. There are some peek insulators between the different layers of the spring loaded clamp style deck. Because of the way the deck is configured, it is an extremely versatile deck. You can run traditional coils vertical or horizontal as well as mesh wire. Whatever way you decide to run the Lit, you will definitely get great flavor. The overall design of the deck makes it very simple to build on no matter what material or coil type you decide to use.

vandyvape lit rda

vandyvape lit rda

The juice well is 7 mm deep. There is a splitter on the bottom of the juice well to make sure your juice gets evenly distributed while you are squonking. For those of you that don't squonk, we also included a traditional 510 pin that is preinstalled.

The Base:

On the bottom of the base, you will see some Lit branding and a serial number. There is also some Vandy Vape branding as well. The Lit RDA comes with a gold-plated 510 that is removable. There is an insulator ring around the 510. The threading around the 510 is stainless steel and extremely smooth. This atomizer will sit flush on all of your mods. The Lit measures in at 24 mm by 31.4 mm. It weighs in at 92 grams.

vandyvape lit rda


  • ●24mm Diameter
  • ●Single Post Spring Loaded Dual Clamp Style Build Deck
  •   ○9mm by 0.5mm Per Clamp
  •   ○Triple Coil Design
  •     ■Horizontal Builds
  •     ■Mesh Builds
  •     ■Vertical Builds ○7mm Deep Juice Well
  •   ○Gold Plated Deck and Screws
  •   ○Juice Flow Splitter in Center
  • ●Dual Rhombus Airflow Design
  •   ○Dual Airflow Tube Options
  •     ■Seven Slotted Airflow Control
  •     ■1mm
  •     ■2.5mm
  •     ■4.5mm
  •     ■6mm
  •     ■16 Slotted Airflow Control
  •     ■1mm Each Airslot
  •  ○Fully Adjustable
  • ●Gold Plated 510 Contact
  •   ○Bottom Feed 510 Pin
  • ●304 Stainless Steel
  • ●810 Drip Tip
  •   ○17.5mm Bore ULTEM Drip Tip
  •   ○18mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip Included
  •   ○18mm Bore 810 Resin Drip Tip
  •   ○510 Drip Tip Adapter Included