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Jun 25, 2018

Berserker MTL Starter Kit Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

  • ●1 X Berserker MTL tank              
  • ●1 X Berserker Mod
  • ●1 X Drip Tip
  • ●1 X 1.5 Berserker MTL Coil
  • (1.5 7W-15W 3.2-4.7V Best 10W/3.9V)
  • ●1 X 1.8 Berserker MTL Coil
  • (1.8 7W-13W 3.5-4.8V Best 8W/3.8V)
  • ●1 X Pyrex Glass 
  • ●1 X Instructional Manual
  • ●1 X Usb Cable
  • ●1 X Spare Parts
  • ●1 X Accessory Bag

The Kit:

The Vandy Vape Berserker MTL starter kit is a joint venture between Vandy Vape and AlexVapers MD. AlexVapers MD is a very popular YouTuber out of Russia. He has done several products with Vandy Vape and is responsible for the creation of the Beserker line of atomizers.

Drip Tip Options:

In the box, you will receive your mod with a pre-installed drip tip that is threaded into a heat sink. The heatsink part of the tank is attached via a 510 connection. If you choose to do so you, can pull the heatsink out and replace it with the included 510 drip tip. Both drip tips are extremely comfortable and perfect for a MTL vape.


The BSKR kit comes pre-installed with a straight glass. With the straight glass installed you will have a 2ml capacity. We have also included a bubble glass in the kit that will expand your capacity to 3.5 mls.

The Tank:

On the exterior of the top cap, there is some knurling that allows you to get a good grip in order to twist the top cap off and fill the tank up. The top part of the exterior is flat and there is a 510 drip tip opening. Threading on the interior of the top cap is extremely smooth. The top cap threads into a very narrow chimney that ensures a great mouth to lung vape. There is an o’ring on the interior of the top cap that keeps the juice in the tank and seals everything up beautifully.

With the top cap removed you will have a wide space that will accommodate any juice bottle on the market today. Filling the tank up is as simple as putting your juice bottle in the opening and squeezing. The bottom of the chimney screws directly into your coil. There are two metal guards that surround your coil. Your coil threads into the base of the tank.

On the base of the tank, there is some knurling and one AFC opening. The AFC has five different positions to it with stoppers on both ends. All the way to the left is the widest AFC opening. Slide the AFC to the right and the other four holes get progressively smaller. This allows you the opportunity to dial in the perfect MTL Vape. The base of the tank measures 19 mm in diameter and it is 46 mm tall.

The Coils:

Two coils are included in this kit. Both coils are above ohm coils. You get a 1.5 ohm coil and a 1.8 ohm coil. Both coils do extremely well with Nic salt juices. These coils are both geared specifically towards the MTL vaper. The 1.5 ohm coil is good for 7 to 15 watts and has a best of rating of 10 watts. The 1.8 ohm coil is good for 7 to 13 watts with a best of rating of 8 watts.

The Mod:

The battery part of the mod as a spring-loaded, gold plated, 510 connection that is 19 mm in diameter. The BSKR starter kit has an 1100 Mah internal battery that will give you awesome battery life.

Towards the top of the mod, there is an upside down pentagon-shaped fire button with an LED behind it. When the LED lights orange, you are in Bypass mode. When the LED shows a white light, you are in constant voltage mode. If the LED is red, it means that it is time to charge your mod.

In order to switch between modes, you simply turn the mod off and hold the fire button down for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the LED will either be orange or white indicating which mode you are actually in. Along with the different modes the BSKR starter kit also has overload and short circuit protection. On the opposite side of the fire button, there is a micro USB port for charging.

The mod has an anodized like finish. There are 10 different colors available which include red, blue, green, black, rainbow, SS, white, gunmetal, gold and purple. The battery part of the mod measures 19 by 75.5 mm. Fully assembled the whole kit measures 19 mm by 123 mm.


  • ●Diameter: 19 mm
  • ●Height: 123 mm
  • ●Liquid Capacity: 2ml/3.5ml
  • ●Working voltage:3.2-4.2V
  • ●Working current:≤5A
  • ●Coil resistance range:1.0-3.0 Ω
  • ●Output power:≤15W)
  • ●Output mode : bypass mode/constant voltage mode
  • ●Standy current: ≤20MA
  • ●Charging current: 800MA (Battery 1100maH)
  • ●Filling Liquid: Screw-to-open top filling
  • ●Adjustable Airflow: Bottom