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Mar 22, 2018

Berserker MTL RDA Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

  • * 1x Berserker MTL RDA                
  • * 1x 22mm Ring
  • * 1x 24mm Ring
  • * 1x Accessory bag
  • * 6x Airflow Tubes
  • * Offset Coil Jig
  • * Blue Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • * Spare Parts
  • * Traditional 510 Pin
  • * MTL Fused Clapton


Alex From VapersMD is a very popular Russian YouTube reviewer. He has been doing a lot of work with Vandy Vape lately. He helped design the Berserker MTL Tank, Berserker Mini, and the Phobia RDA. This is his fourth collaboration with Vandy Vape and third in the Berserker line.

Drip Tip Options:

Because this is such a specialized atomizer and geared specifically towards MTL vaping there is only one type of drip tip included but you get two. One drip tip is black Delrin and the other is Ultem. The 10 mm drip tip sits on a 510 connection with a heat sink built into it. The heat sink does a great job of keeping everything nice and cool. While stock drip tip is very comfortable, you do have the choice of running your own 510 drip tips. If you prefer to run your own 510 drip tips you simply remove the heatsink part of the atomizer to reveal a 510 drip tip opening.

The Barrel:

The barrel is tall and the interior has a stepped-up design. The interior of the top cap also has a conical design towards the top. On the exterior of the top, You will be able to see six separate air hole openings. Openings on the top cap start off small and get progressively larger. You adjust the airflow with the barrel by simply sliding the desired air flow hole in front of the air flow hole on the base of the deck. The barrel is held in place by two o rings that go around the outer part of the deck. These o’rings have a nice tolerance to them that makes adjusting the airflow on the exterior extremely easy.

The Airflow Tubes And Coiling Jig:

While this atomizer gives the MTL vaper a lot of choices when it comes to adjusting the airflow on the exterior, there are also choices when adjusting the airflow on the interior of this atomizer. We have included six air flow tubes that allow you to really dial in your air flow for a consistent MTL vape. The tubes measure 16 mm in length and each one has a 2 mm opening on both ends of the tube. The tubes are exchangeable even while the coil is installed. There are six different tubes with six different openings. The tubes included are 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 3.1 mm with 3 holes, and a 3.1 mm tube with one big slot.

We also include an offset coiling jig. This is so you can adjust your coil and have the ability to push it down into the juice well and in front of the air flow tubes. The coiling jig has a 3mm jig on one side and a 2.5 mm jig on the other side.

The Deck:

The deck on the Berserker MTL RDA is a two post design. However, because of the way we designed it you will be able to insert the end of your leads on either side of each post screw. We also made sure that we left plenty of room in order to clip your leads without them touching the barrel of the atomizer and causing a short.

The juice well on the deck is very deep and perfect for squonking. Because of the way the Berserker is designed it makes it difficult to over squonk on. On the bottom interior of the atomizer, there is a juice splitter that ensures even juice distribution when squonking.

The Base:

The base of the Berserker has some Berserker branding on it as well as a serial number. On the base, there is a removable negative post screw and the squonking pin can be removed and replaced with a traditional 510 connection for those that prefer dripping over squonking.

Included in your Berserker package are to beauty rings. One of the beauty rings measures 22 mm in diameter and the other measures 24 mm in diameter. You also have the choice of running the atomizer without the beauty ring but we think it adds a nice touch. This is normally a feature that you find on higher end atomizers.

The 510 Connection:

This atomizer does come to you squonk ready however there is also a traditional 510 pin included in the in the spare parts bag just in case you want to run it as a dripper. We made sure that this atomizer is an extremely competent squonker.


  • Length: 42.2 mm
  • Diameter: 18.1 mm
  • Weight (including package): 110 g