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Oct 13, 2018

Pulse X BF Kit Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

  • ●1 x Pulse x BF RDA              
  • ●1 x Pulse x Mod
  • ●1 x 8ml Juice Bottle
  • ●1 x QC USB Cable
  • ●1 x Instructional Manual
  • ●1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor  
  • ●1 x 30ML Refill Bottle (optional)
  • ●1 x Trimming device
  • ●1 x Accessories Package
  • ●1 x 2 coils


Alright, everyone! Welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today, we’re going over the Vandy Vape Pulse X Kit, a Tony B project. I got a sample packaging from Vandy Vape. Let’s check this thing out, right there. You can see, I got the frosted black one. Some Vandy Vape branding, Vandy Vape website, some more branding. On the back of the box, you can pause that if you want to read it.

Let’s pop this thing open and let me show you what we got here. Check this out. I got the murdered-out Pulse X mod. Not much different from the OG 80W. We’re going to put that on deck for a second. Here is another top cap that you get with the XRDA. Kind of cool. I’m kind of digging it. I like these clear ones. We’re going to put that on deck for a second.
Here is the Pulse X RDA, check it out. Let’s go over the rest of the contents of the box. In this little Vandy Vape box, you get a nice micro USB cable for charging and updates. File that to the side. You also get some spare o-rings, a 510 drip tip adapter, spare deck screws. You get a hex key and a blue Phillips head screwdriver. There is also a solid 510 pin in there, as well. Nice job on that, Vandy Vape. Also included in the box are two triple fused Clapton coils, Ni80, 0.41 ohms. 3mm in diameter, six wraps. They’re good-looking coils. We’re actually going to use them on the build part of this video. Underneath the foam insert, you get a warranty card. That’s it for the contents of the packaging.


DeucesJack: What’s up, everyone? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. Today, I got a brand new one for you. I got the Pulse X Kit by Vandy Vape and Tony B from the Vapor Trail channel. This one takes 21700 batteries. That’s right, basically fixed the biggest con on the OG Pulse 80W. This one goes up to 90W instead of 80W. With the boost, you can get a hundred watts out of it. It’s firmware upgradeable and the same firmware upgrades are going to be available on the Pulse OG 80W. Of course you’re still only going to be able to do 80W-90W with the boost but you know what? It’s nice that they’re still supporting it even though they came out with one that takes 21700 batteries. This one also comes with the new X RDA. It squonks from the top. Yeah, we’ve seen it before but this one’s done a little differently.

Let’s cut down low, let me show you everything up close and personal. We’re going to slap a build in it. We’re going to wick it. We’re going to juice it up, vape it, then we’re going to come back on top and talk about it. I’ll see you down low.


Let’s go over the mod. This is the Pulse X, very very similar to the OG 80W. Only real difference, you have a clear thing here where you can see your battery wrap. Over here, you have a little bit of texture but the panel’s fit on the OG one, as well. You also have some Pulse X branding, over here. This one does take 21700s and goes up to 90W instead of 80W, like the old one that only takes 2700s. Here is your 18650 battery adapter included. We’re going to file that to the side. You also get the same exact Vandy Vape squonk bottle included, as well. You’ll notice on the inside, we have some clear battery indicator markings and plus and minus on the side there. A little bit of pulse Vandy Vape chip branding over here, Pulse emblem over here, gold-plated pin here, for squonk bottle to attach on to.

Like I said, really really not much of a difference. In fact, if you take the back off, you have this Tony B branding over here, same push through thing to access your battery. Let me show you. These are the OG 80W panels. Check it out. They fit right on there, no issues. Same thing for the front panel. So if you bought extra panels, you did not waste your money. You can use them on this mod. On the top of the mod, we have three star screws, holding the stainless steel plate in place. We have a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 connection that I would call stiff with a short throw. Have little indentations over here, not quite the same as the old one. You can see, the plate is a little different.

Let me show you that this does fit 21700 batteries. Negative side up, over there. You just pop it in, boom! There you go. Now when you put the backside battery door on, you can see your battery wrap through this frosted black part. That’s kind of neat. I like that. Let’s put the front cover on.


In order to turn the mod on, one, two, three, four, five, mod is on. You’ll see it boot up Vandy Vape chip. Really, the menu system is the same. Just a few little differences.
In order to lock the mod, hit the plus and fire button together. The mod is locked on this mod. You can choose whether you just want to lock the plus or minus buttons or you want to lock the fire button. I’ll show you that in a minute. In order to unlock it, plus and minus. Again, it’s unlocked.
In order to flip the screen, hit the minus and fire button together. You flip the screen. Do it again, flip it back.


In order to access the shortcut menu, give the fire button three clicks. One, two, three, you’ll see the P is blinking. Now I can go on the bypass mode, voltage mode, stainless steel, nickel titanium, power mode. Again let’s go back to stainless steel. We’re going to put it in stainless steel.
To adjust the wattage in stainless steel mode, one, two, three, four, you see my wattage part blinking right there. Now I can scroll up or down in 1W increments, all the way up to 90W. Hit the fire button to confirm the mod. Does scroll in 1 degree increments all the way up to 600 degrees. It does not round-robin. In power mode, the screen is exactly the same. You have your mode right here, your wattage, your resistance, your voltage, your battery meter.



In order to access the main menu system, you hit the plus and minus button together. Now I can scroll through. I can go into DIY which is curve. This is your preheats, normal and hard. This is your ID, your firmware version and here are your settings. What you can do here is, with the plus or minus button, did you see that little Chiclets just get unfilled? Now, it’s filled. I can turn off the TC, the bypass, the voltage mode. So let’s go ahead and do that because I never used them. Let’s turn off the bypass mode. Let’s turn off the voltage mode and that’s it.
Now you can scroll here. This is your brightness adjustment. You can put it all the way up to a hundred. This is your fire button adjustment, right here. If you don’t have it on, when you lock the mod, you’ll still be able to fire the mod. If you turn it off, you won’t be able to fire though the mod. This is your factory reset, right there and back to TC. In order to get out of this menu system, just hold the fire button down and you’re out of the menu system.
Now, if I scroll through my settings, you’ll notice bypass and voltage mode are gone. Kind of cool, kind of customizable. I dig that. That’s it though, that’s basically the whole menu system. Let me show you the RDA.


Here is the Pulse X RDA. You can see, we got 6 airflow slots on each side. On the top part, we do have a rather tight goon style drip tip, frosted, as well. This is the only drip tip that came in the packaging. That’s going to be a con but all my other goon style drip tips fit fine. Now, check out this airflow. You’ll see, I got all six holes open. If I turn it this way, I can close one hole at a time and then I can close the bottom if I want to and leave the top open or I can just close all of them open like that. Now, if I keep turning, you’ll see, two at a time. I can close off and then I’m back to one at a time. Kind of neat, right? I kind of like this type of airflow. Like, look, I could do two top and one on the bottom. Kind of neat, the way they design that. I’m definitely diggin the different types of airflow you can get off of this. Normally, I leave it with either wide open or with just the bottom ones open but I found that with just the bottom ones open it does get a little hot. You can get some bacon lips on this thing because as I’ll show you, when I take the cap off, there’s a ton of metal in there.


I do like the Pulse X branding, right there, black on black. Very, very subtle. I’m definitely digging this atomizer. Now, this is a two-piece top cap. You can see the airflow cutouts, right there, how they are slanted downward. Kind of nice, really, really, nice job on the machining. O-ring tolerance is absolutely beautiful. You’re going to see this little notch, right here. It does have a locking barrel system. Conical design going on inside so that definitely increases the flavor.
This is the acrylic top cap that you get. It’s got more air holes than the metal one. You have three, six, nine, twelve. You can see, they’re drilled in at a slant. It also has the notch in there, right there, so it is a locking barrel system but it is only one piece. The drip tip is built in. This does not come apart. It’s a little bit more condensed than the metal cap. Let me show you. It’s a little smaller so you might get a little better flavor out of here. But you aren’t going to be able to adjust the airflow so that’s important to take a note of that.
Let me show you what it looks like on the mod. Right there, that’s what it looks like on the mod. I know some people don’t like these clear caps because they show condensation. I don’t mind them at all. In fact, a lot of times, these are more flavorful than the actual metal ones.

On the bottom of the RDA, you can see, we have some Pulse X branding, BF RDA serial number over here, a Tony B project, some Vandy Vape branding. We also have a gold-plated squonk pin, insulator ring around it and stainless steel threading over here. They do give you a solid pin that is adjustable so you can remove the squonk pin and use this on another non-squonker mod. That’s kind of cool.



Let me show you this deck. This deck is really kind of wild. I’m definitely digging it. You squonk juice from the top here, right onto your coil. You have basically four terminals. One for each lead. It’s a dual coil RDA and they get clamped down. It’s got like that X thing going on. Really, really, kind of neat. Now, if you’ll notice right here, there’s another hole. That’s also a squonking hole and what that does is whatever this drips down and then when you have excess, this hole sucks it back into the bottle. That’s kind of cool. Nice, deep juice well. Lots of room for that juice to swish around. I really like that. You’ll see, we got Phillips head deck screws right here. They are nice and beefy. You want to keep your coil kind of pushed up against the side as close as you can and then you want to tighten each side down. You want to get it as close as you can to all that metal because you want to squonk this squonking part right here to drip right on your coil.

Once you got it in there the way you want it, you take your coiling rod make your adjustments, want to get it right underneath, underneath that part right there, just like that. Now what you want to do is you want to go and clip the leads that you can get to. Make sure you put your finger on them so they don’t go flying all over the place. Now we’re going to do the other side. Use the terminals that you didn’t use yet. Get your thumb in there and push it up against all that metal and give it a twist. Now, what you want to do is you want to clip these leads as well. Get as close to them as you possibly can. Give them a little snip. Same thing on the other side, get down there as close as you can. And then your coil is going to be a little bit out of whack but we’re going to straighten that out. Get your coiling rod in there, pull it up to that squonk part right there. Straighten it out and that’s what your build should look like, just like that.
Let’s pulse these coils and see where we’re at. We’re at 0.1 and that’s probably going to change. There we go. We’re glowing evenly from the inside out. Let’s wick this thing up and see what we got here.


Cotton I’m going to be using, Native Wicks, Platinum Blend. Pull yourself off a nice piece of Platinum Blend. Give it a little roll between your fingers. Make that one side pointy. Send it right through and what you want to do is you want to cut it right by that second o-ring, right there. Just like that. Now you take your leftover cotton. Give it a nice twirl just like you did on the first side. Send it right through, just like that. Now you can cut your cotton even with the first one that you cut. Now you can take your cotton and you can cut these two right down by that second o-ring, just like that. In fact, these two might be a little bit on the long side. So we’re going to give them a little trim. Now what we do is we take our cotton tool and we just do a quick scootch and tuck. Scooch and tuck, scooch and tuck. Make sure you’re not blocking that squonking hole, right there and that’s how it should look all wicked up.

Juice we’re going to be using today is Vape Wild, Boomslang. Yeah, man. This is a Apple Kiwi. Perfect for summertime vaping. What we do here, we make it nice and wet. Get that cotton started. Fill up that juice well a little bit. Now, you might want to give it a quick little test-fire. See how we’re doing. There we go. We got vape. Take your Vandy Vape bottle with that awesome neck. I love these bottles because they don’t make a mess. Pull it to the side, like that. Give your bottle a good squeeze. Fill that bottle up. Make sure you keep your fingers on that neck and give it a nice little tightening. Now we’re ready to slip it onto the stem and put it in the mod. Check out this squonking action. Look at that, right on the coil. See that beautiful? Really nice. Look at that.
Let’s cut back on top. Let’s vape on it, cons, and pros and then we’re out of here. See you back on top.


Alright everyone, we’re back on top with the Vandy Vape Pulse X, 90W 21700 mod. It’s a collaboration between Vandy Vape and Tony B from the Vapor Trail channel. Now, I’m really not going to go over pros and cons for this mod because it’s so similar to the OG one. There’s some subtle differences that I pointed out down low but basically for all intents and purposes, this is the OG one that takes 21700 batteries. So if you want to see my pros and cons on that, just check out the link down below. We’ll have a link to the video that I did on the old Pulse 80W mod. I love that X RDA. It’s got really nice flavor and clouds. I love that it squonks from the top. That top’s wanting action is absolutely awesome.

Now, you guys know I’m very active on the forums. I’m always on vaping insider.com/forum and I seen a lot of vapers, I’ve seen the whole community talk about this being a cash grab. I gotta say, I know Tony, I don’t know him, personally. Like where we text each other or talk to each other on the phone but if I see him at like, a vape event, we’ll sit down and chat for a couple of minutes. Last time, I saw him at Foxwoods, we were chatting for about 20 minutes at one of the booths. He’s a nice genuine guy and I find it hard to believe that he would do something like this for a cash grab. I really don’t think that’s the case because if that was the case, they wouldn’t support firmware upgrades with the old one and they wouldn’t have made the doors interchangeable. To be honest with you, Tony just seems like, too nice of a guy to do something like that. So I don’t think this was really a cash grab. I think what happened and this is just my speculation, I don’t have any inside knowledge but I think what happened was when they released the original, he had that kind of like three month delay with that whole Voopoo drama and everything and I think it just got to the point where he just wanted to get out even though 21700 batteries just started to pop. I can understand his explanation. I did watch his introduction video on this and and how it came about and why he decided to go with this mod for a 21700. I kind of feel bad for the guy because he’s kind of damned if he doesn’t and damned if if he does because the biggest complaint about the OG Pulse was that it didn’t take 21700 batteries so now the guy comes out and he fixes it and makes it 21700 compatible and people are killing him for it. I kind of feel like he was in a no-win situation. I do give him the benefit of the doubt only because I give him credit for being the guy who brought squonking to the masses.
Listen, you could say whatever you want about the first Pulse, the mechanical one. The bottom line is the guy made squonking affordable and available to the masses because before that mod came out, all the other mods you had to get for squonking, you had to join these silly Facebook pages. They were all 3d printed and you had to pay a couple of hundred dollars for them. Tony changed all that and I got to give him the benefit of the doubt on something like this. I just don’t think it’s a cash grab and that’s my take on it.
Let’s go over the pros and cons for the X RDA.


First con’s going to be there’s a lot of metal in there man and because there’s a lot of metal in there, this thing can get really hot with the metal top cap, especially if you close one row of airflow slots, you can definitely get some minor bacon lips on this thing. So I’m going to give him a con for that top cap getting hot.
I’m also going to give him a con because there was only one drip tip included. That’s ridiculous. In this day and age, everybody else is putting multiple drip tips in their kits. Vandy Vape, you were the guys that started it. Why are you getting away from it? I’m giving you a con for that.
I’m also going to give them a con for one squonk bottle. I know all the other reviewers say, ”Oh but as long as it’s not proprietary. You only need to include one.” That’s BS. You need to put two squonk bottles in a kit. That should be standard so I’m giving my con for that.
Let’s get on to the pros for the X RDA.


First pro is going to be, it’s innovative. I like that little pipe that sticks out and swamps from the top. Fantastic great job on that.
I like the nice post screws. I’m going to give him a pro for that.
You get nice coils with the kit, that’s a pro.

The knurling on the top cap is beautiful. I’m going to give them a pro for that.
It’s tough to over squonk on. They’re getting a pro for that.
Solid 510 pin included, that’s a pro. We give cons when people don’t include a squonking pin so why not give a pro when they include a solid pin. I’m giving them a pro for that.
It’s got nice flavor and clouds, that’s a pro.
The o-ring tolerances on this thing are really nice, that’s a pro.
Well machined, pro.
Deep juice well, pro.
Easy to build and wick. That’s a definite pro.
It’s got some very smooth airflow. We’re going to give them a pro on that as well.


And that’s all I got for you on the pros and cons for the X RDA. Make sure you check out our link down below as to where you can buy this awesome little kit. As far as going out and buying it, if you already own the OG 80W one, unless you’re totally into like these 21700 batteries. There’s really no need to go out and get this kit, unless you’ve just got to have it. Otherwise, it performs the same exact way as the older one and the updates to this chip are going to be available on the older one. The other thing I really like about the actual mod itself is they came out with g10 covers and they just look phenomenal so we’ll have a link down below as to where you can buy it.
We’re also going to have a link down below to our forum, vapinginsider.com/forum. Hey man, if you liked this video, hit us up in the comments down below. Let us know what you think. Give us that thumbs up. Hit that subscribe button and hit that notification button. We’re going to see you guys on the next one. You keep living that vape life. We’re out of here, deuces.


  • ●Pulse X BF RDA with TOP Squonk Feed and Bottom Juice Return
  • ●18650/20700/21700 battery compatible.
  • ●Rapid firing and precise power output
  • ●Water drop squonking and juice return technique
  • ●Horizontal and vertical wicking available