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Jan 22, 2018

Kylin Mini RTA Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

1x Kylin Mini RTA by Vandy Vape
1x 3ml Glass Tank
1x 5ml Bubble Glass Tank
1x 18mm 810 Resin Drip Tip
1x 18mm 810 Delrin Drip Tip
1x Bag Of Spare Parts
1x User Manual

Drip Tip Options:

The Kylin Mini comes with a beautiful, Goon style, resin drip tip preinstalled. The resin drip tip is on the tall side and it does a really good job of keeping your lips off of the top cap. The other included drip tip is a black Goon or 810 style drip tip. It has ribbing going around the outer circumference of it. The ribbing provides some texture and it is also extremely comfortable. It is shorter than the resin drip tip for those vapers that like a shorter, chuff style, type of drip tip. For those of you that still like to run your traditional 510 drip tips, there is a 510 drip tip adapter included with your purchase of the Kylin Mini RTA.

Glass Sections and Capacity:

With your Kylin Mini, you will receive 2 tank glass sections. The pre-installed one is a straight glass and it has a capacity of 3 mls. The extra glass section is a bubble style glass and it has a 5 ml capacity. The bubble glass option allows you to expand the capacity of your tank without having any negative affect on flavor. Both tank sections are made out of Pyrex glass.

Top Cap and Fill Port Cap:

The top cap on Kylin Mini has some beautiful knurling on the exterior. It is a very heavy knurling that gives you a great grip on the top cap when refilling the tank. There is also some Vandy Vape branding on the top of the top cap. There is a little bit of a raised platform with an o’ring inside, to secure your Goon or 810 style drip tips. On the interior of the top cap, there is an o’ring along with some beautiful threading that provides a snug fit, when it is screwed onto the top fill port cap.

With the top cap off, there are two very big half circle shaped fill ports. These fill ports will accommodate any type of juice bottle on the market today. The chimney is a medium bore chimney, that is definitely geared more towards flavor. The chimney drops down to an extremely conically shaped barrel. On the exterior of the barrel, there is a Vandy Vape logo and some Kylin branding. The barrel attaches to the base with some very smooth threading.

The Deck:

The whole deck on the Kylin Mini is gold plated. This is a single coil only deck and its main objective is flavor. The deck has a cradle like shape to it, with a honeycomb airflow design. The shape of the deck actually cradles your coil for superior flavor. There are 7 rows of 3 airflow holes on your deck, for a total of 21 holes. These holes create an extremely smooth airflow and they make any flavor that you put in this atomizer pop.

This is a postless style deck with Philips head M4 screws that are accessed from the side. The spare deck screws are hex grub screws and there is an included Allen key. The screws are also gold plated and they are nicely threaded. This type of deck makes building and coil placement extremely easy. The wicking ports are located on each end of the deck. This is also an extremely easy atomizer to wick.

The Base:

On the bottom interior of the base, there is a thick o-ring that does a great job of keeping the glass in place as well as insuring against any leaking. The AFC ring around the circumference of the base has some knurling on it, that allows the user to get a good grip to adjust the AFC ring. The airflow on the base is cyclops style and fully adjustable. It also has stoppers on both ends. On the bottom of the base there is some Kylin and Vandy Vape branding as well as a serial number.


The 510 Connection:

The 510 connection on the Kylin Mini is gold plated and slotted for a flat head screwdriver. It is surrounded by an insulator ring and some stainless steel threading. The stainless steel threading on the base is very smooth and this atomizer should sit flush on all of your mods.


Designed by Stefan Z.
Available in Stainless, Black, Gold, Rainbow
Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin
810 Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip
Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Design
180° Honeycomb Internal Airflow Design
Dual External Air Slots - Fully Adjustable
PEEK-Insulated Positive Post
Single Coil Configurations
Innovative Two-Post, Single Terminal Design
24K Gold-Plated Build Deck
Pyrex Bubble Glass Reinforcement
Superior Stainless Steel Construction